beyond_squirrel (beyond_squirrel) wrote,

Three pictures a day

One for the money. Please like my lunch! I am currently trying not to photograph food. It's not working...

Why the name? If she (Pina) would obey to the letter, she wouldn't have gone missing in the first place, right?

I am so loving these pajamas (Wow, fast food advertising really gets to me). I almost bought one, but I was already on my way out and high on polypropylene (Primark: one visit is likely to be as toxic as a whole pack of cigarettes). To save myself from choking, I kept walking. It will hunt me in my dreams though. I want french-fries-sleepwear, dammit! Btw. I am not an expert on french grammar, but shouldn't it be "Viva LES french fries"?

  • The only way is Stellingen

    In echt (und auch ohne Filter) noch schöner. Blick von Balkonien heute früh um halb acht.

  • Oh, Hi Squirrel!

  • Traumzustand

    Ich hasse das, wenn einen Träume bis in den Tag weiterverfolgen. Ich weiß nicht, ob das ne komische Sternenkonstellation war heute nacht oder das…

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