beyond_squirrel (beyond_squirrel) wrote,

Mum said there would be days like this

I am wide awake, I can't sleep. For strange kind of reasons I tend to write in english when drunk or sleepless or both. I just read my Pronto Toronto Blog again. Aaaaaw, it made me feel all giddy and excited. I so want to go to Toronto again. But this time when it is 20 degrees or above. It can get chilly in October. I read somewhere that Condor now offers non-stop flights to Toronto from Frankfurt. It will ruin me, but what the hell. Checking for flights in August or early September...

  • The only way is Stellingen

    In echt (und auch ohne Filter) noch schöner. Blick von Balkonien heute früh um halb acht.

  • Oh, Hi Squirrel!

  • Traumzustand

    Ich hasse das, wenn einen Träume bis in den Tag weiterverfolgen. Ich weiß nicht, ob das ne komische Sternenkonstellation war heute nacht oder das…

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