beyond_squirrel (beyond_squirrel) wrote,

my New York's resolutions

*A is a team, three is a crowd, 15 is a mess
*Yes, you can live on snapples ice tea and fast food alone
*Walking 30 blocks is NOT a good idea
*Yes, you can spend one hour in a drugstore alone, just looking
*Delta "Don't expect luggage to arrive" Airlines, not a good idea either
*One hour at Macy's is simply not enough :)
*I love Victoria's secrets gay salesmen, they call you sweetheart all the time :)
*I really fear my credit card bill

ich weiß nicht mehr genau wo das war, aber eigentlich sieht es auch überall so aus

squirrel in madison park
squirrel im madison square park (die sind aber sehr "commercial", wenn Du kein Futter hast,
hauen sie gleich wieder ab...)

mad at madison sq. park
also hier! in new york the "squirrels place to be"

Inszenierung: selfmade-kunst vor dem MoMA-souvenir art-shop

pretzels and nuts
pretzels and nuts !

more high buildings :)

nach-haus-telefonieren in der nähe vom empire state building

also hier

times sq
times square (warning: epileptic seizures mandatory)

cnn election center
bei cnn !

NYC cnn secret host
cnn-head-of-some-important-departement: "we are still hiring" :D
where do i send my application? :) Ich will die international cnn-SQüRL-Show :)!!!

extrem seltener moment: alone in the metro (line E to world trade center)

NYC flowery
united colors of ugly flowers

choking at taco bell
apparently there is a lot of choking at taco bell :)
(diese heimlich-manöver-anleitungen hängen aber z.B. auch bei starbucks)

taco bell
now THIS was a little scary

pictures: to be continued!

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