beyond_squirrel (beyond_squirrel) wrote,

my waste of time

memes make me feel secure, pretty and not wanting to kill someone for
at least 20 minutes, so ... yeah, you have to read it!!!

(viciously stolen from lackofendorphin)

THINGS YOU LOVE (supposed to make me forget all the things I hate at the moment)

Song you love: The Unforgiven/ Metallica (hey, I am just getting started, hate is not
going to vanish like that)

Word you love: gun shot wound

Academic subject you love: history

Hobby you love: voodoo (doing it right now, it's sooooo much fun)

Type of baked good you love: cheesecake, cookies, brownies

Type of sky you love: just before it's raining and a person I really hate
is going to be struck by lightning

Beverage you love: diet coke cherry

Vacation you love: United States/ California, Koh Samui!!!

Restaurant you love: bok

Way of getting around that you love: is riding an unicorn an option?

Person you love: yeah, I'll skip that

Room in your home you love: I only have one room, so that's making it pretty easy,
but in fact I hate this appartement, so actually this question really really sucks

Movie you love: Kill Bill (because of all the creative killing) and Wall-E, cause it
was cute

Book you love: Everything written by Meg Gardiner, just read "Die Beichte" or
"the dirty secrets club" as the title is in english, or I will have to kill you all, too.

City you love: Hamburg, missing Berlin every now and then

Future plan you love: winning the lottery and tell some people what I really think
of them! and can that happen in the near future so please god?

Form of communication you love: shouting "I don't speak your language" while someone is trying
to explain some incredibly annoying major task.

Junk food you love: chicken mc nuggets. To tell you the truth, I love every kind
of junk food.

*actually "remember" IS the name of a horse, but that's another story ...


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