January 27th, 2012

closing eyes bless

What's in your head?

Sometimes, if I have an incredibly stupid association or a grand idea, people ask me, how these things come to me. I just can't tell, things are just there, popping into my mind. It happens in completely different situations. Talking or arguing with certain friends definitely triggers them. But sometimes, and they are the most confusing, it is a moment of complete exhaustion and loneliness. A moment, where you can't think anymore and everything just hurts so bad, your whole body and mind, that you don't have the strength to move anymore, but to lay down, that something, like anything creeps into my head. It's not always a touch of genius, but those things have proven true or have been leading me to other things, that turned out to be important. That's probably making me kind of a crazy person, but that's just the way it is.